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“11 Things I’ve Learned About Wedding Planning”

“The Supreme Feeling Of Letting It Go”

Why We’re Using a Travel Agent To Plan Our Honeymoon

“The Best Song Suggestions From Our Guests”

“5 Bonuses of Living Together Before Marriage”

“I’m Delaying Medical Treatment Because Of My Wedding”

“Why My Brother-in-Law is Officiating Our Ceremony”

“The Pros & Cons Of a Large Wedding Party”

“5 Alternatives To A Formal Rehearsal Dinner”

“Wedding Planning Taught Me How To Ask For Help”

“6 of The Best Things About Wedding Planning”

“Help! I’m Getting Jaded”

“We Already Got Fake Married”

“10 Questions To Ask A Potential Band or DJ”

“You Can Have Your Fiancé Properly Trained With Groom Academy”

“Do I Want Babies At My Wedding?”

“I’m Caving On The One Splurge I Swore I Wouldn’t Make—A Wedding Planner”

“10 Things To Ask Yourself When Choosing Your Dress”

“I Didn’t Love Dress Shopping As Much As I Expected”

“10 Questions to Ask Potential Videographers”

“11 Songs I Vow Not To Play At My Wedding”

“My Bridal Resolutions”

“10 Questions to Ask Potential Photographers”

“10 Questions to Ask a Potential Venue”

“Why Both My Parents Will Walk Me Down the Aisle”

“The Pros & Cons of a Long Engagement”

“You Can Buy A Prepackaged Wedding On Gilt Groupe Now–But Should You?”

“The Bridesmaid’s Bill of Rights”

“Sarah & Sam’s Real Registry”

“Make Your Wedding Sparkle With Fireworks”

“Ceremony Basics: How Can We Have a Friend Officiate Our Ceremony?” 
Gay Weddings by The Knot

“Wedding Day Beauty Tips For Men” 
Gay Weddings by The Knot

“Take A Cue From Pete & Ashlee and Design Your Own Engagement Ring”

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