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“11 Brutal Truths About Loving a Libra”

“7 Dates You Can’t Go On Until You’re Dating”

“True Story: I’m Planning My Bat Mitzvah And My Inter-Faith Wedding At The Same Time”

“12 Great Gifts For Her That Aren’t Jewelry”

“The 5 Stages of Passive Aggression”

“10 Things Women Expect Men To Know How To Do”

“Why I Won’t Move In With My Boyfriend”
Featured Panelist, HuffPost Live

“I Can’t Get Enough Of Him, But I Don’t Want To Live With Him”

“Fail! The 7 Worst Ways To Propose”

“The 10 Most Annoying Things Men Do In Relationships”

“What She Thinks of Your Drink”

“Dating Don’ts: 7 Things You Should Never Post On His Facebook Page”

“7 Times You Should Lie To A Woman”

“10 Ways Your Place Kills Your Game”

“7 Signs You’re Hooking Up Tonight”

“Should You Move In Together?”

“10 Surprising Turn Ons For Women”

“Warning! 7 Lies All Women Tell Men”

“7 More Lies All Women Tell Men”

“Dating Don’ts: 7 Types of Vine Videos That Will Almost Certainly Scare Dates Away”

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