Can’t Live Without: Chunky Heeled Boots

Sarrandipity Blog-Can't Live Without: Chunky Heeled Boots

I have a confession: I’m not much of a heels girl. I love how they look, and I love how I feel in them, except for when I don’t. Let’s face it: heels hurt, and I’m just not always willing to endure the pain if not totally necessary. Especially in the winter. I’m accident prone enough without trying to safely navigate the icy sidewalks of Chicago on half-inch-in-diameter, 4-inch-in-height shoes. Enter: chunky heeled boots. These have been a lifesaver throughout both NYC and Chicago falls and winters. They add some much-needed height, they’re cute, they’re versatile, and they’re comfortable (+ relatively stable) enough to wear all day. Over time, I’ve amassed a decent collection in the necessary shades of brown, black, and grey. Most of the styles I own (above) are no longer available, but below are some similar boots currently out there that I love.

Sarrandipity Blog - Can't Get Enough of Chunky Heeled Boots

Coclico ‘Kitta’ Ankle Bootie // Trask ‘Abbey’ Tall Boot // UGG ‘Mackie’ Water Resistant Boot // Frye Jackie Button // rag & bone ‘Harrow’ Leather Boot // Clarks Alpine Melt Boot // ALDO Himelfarb // Marais Marseille Boot

Sarrandipity - Can't Live Without: Chunky Heeled Boots
One of my favorite pairs in action.


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