7 Very Specific New Year’s Resolutions


I’ve never been much of a resolutions person. I always saw the idea as being too vague and unrealistic. I mean, am I really supposed to make a goal for the entirety of one year and not get sidetracked or forget about it? I’d rather just assess my life as the months pass and make changes as needed.

Except for this year. This year, I decided to try this resolution thing out. And, while I did make a couple lofty and vague resolutions (Give up Regrets and FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, if you must know), I’m mostly focusing on some very specific goals for the coming year. If I can check all of these off my list, well then, perhaps I’ll reward myself with some FOMO and Regrets.

1. Read a paper book 

I’ve been using a Kindle for years now, and I love it. The convenience is amazing, and the only downside is how easily I can go on spontaneous and excessive book-buying sprees with just one click. That said, I have a sizeable collection of unread paper books collecting dust. They’re books I really want to read, like Not That Kind of Girl and Stories My Grandmother Told Me (a brand-new gift!), but when it comes time to start something new, the Kindle always wins out. I mean, it takes up minimal space in my purse, syncs with my phone and iPad, and allows me to read in bed with all the lights off. Can you blame me? If I can read just one of my old-school paper books this year, I’ll be happy.

2. Finally Make The Polenta That’s In My Cabinet

I hate cooking, I really do. But I’m trying to do more of it, especially now that I work from home and have much less of an excuse not to. This past summer, I was wooed by a polenta dealer at the local farmer’s market and decided to buy some. I like polenta, and its often paired with cheese, which I love, so I figured it’d be a great thing to try out. But as of now, the farthest I’ve gotten with it is thinking about making it for dinner a few times, only to settle on something quicker, easier or more familiar. This year, I take on the polenta. With cheese.

3. Find a System For Organizing My Important, Grown-Up Papers

The thing about doing grown-up things like buying a car, buying a condo, getting married, and working for yourself is, there tend to be lots of important documents that go along with them. It seems like every day, something new comes in the mail that we need to keep track of, and we have no system by which to do so, other than creating various piles throughout the condo with zero rhyme or reason. It’s starting to slowly drive me mad. I only hope I’ll get the system figured out before that happens.

4. Figure Out How to Cancel Those Catalogs That Keep Coming In The Mail 

I can’t believe paper catalogs still get sent out—it’s the age of online-shopping, people! Sure, occasionally I’ll get sucked in and actually browse through one (looking at you, Athleta), but it’s completely unnecessary and I can live without. What’s even more maddening though, is that the majority of catalogs that come to my address are just leftovers from previous residents. No, I don’t want to buy anything from Quilts Monthly, thankyouverymuch. I must figure out how to stop these from coming, for the sake of the environment and my sanity.

5. Follow a Skincare Regimen

I’ve never been great about skincare. I only recently started to consistently remove my makeup at night, I rarely apply moisturizer, and I use drugstore face wash. Truthfully, I’ve always taken my somewhat decent skin for granted. But, as I approach—gasp—30 (this year!), I’m starting to wise up. (Meaning, I got a facial recently and the esthetician gently shamed me about my skincare routine, or lack there of.) I’m already getting better about using face lotion every morning and night, and I just caved and spent a painful (for me) amount of money on “grown up” cleanser and “buffing grains.” I better be glowing by the end of 2015.

6. Drink More Wine 

Kind of. I love wine, but I’m not a huge drinker and almost never have a glass of anything while I’m just hanging out at home. It’s so rare, in fact, that I buy those mini four-packs of wine so that when I do want some at home, I don’t have to open a whole bottle that I know I won’t finish before it goes bad. That said, somehow, my fiancé and I have amassed a rather large collection of vino over time, and it’s just sitting there, taking up space in our cabinet. Yet every time we go to a BYOB restaurant or a friend’s house, we buy a new bottle to take, claiming we want to “save” the ones we have, for God-only-knows-what. This madness needs to stop, and that can clearly only be done by more consistent consumption.

7. Wear Jeans Once a Week 

I work from home, so theoretically I could work in my pajamas all day, every day if I wanted to. I don’t, though, because I feel like showering and getting dressed helps put me in a productive mindset. So every day, I do just that: Shower and get dressed…in leggings and various oversized, comfy tops. As I type this, during the first official Polar Vortex of 2015, I’m wearing fleece-lined leggings and the coziest cardigan ever. While it’s comfortable, the problem with this uniform is that all my other wonderful clothes get neglected. And, let’s be honest: Without wearing jeans, I have no way of keeping tabs on my potentially-expanding-winter-waistline. So, tomorrow, I’m going denim. Or maybe Friday. We’ll see.

What are your resolutions? Tell me in the comments!

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