Sparkle and Shine Holiday Decor

My gold and glimmery mantle. 
I love decorating for any holiday, and when it comes to the winter, I’m all about sparkle and shine. I’m obsessed with mercury glass anything and everything, twinkle lights and pretty much anything else with white, silver, gold and glitter. Fancy up your home for the holidays (or, if you’re like me, for all of winter), with these glimmering pieces.
Sparkle and Shine Holiday Decor

Marnie Glass Candle: Candles are another one of my obsessions. At any given time, I have at least two lit. This one adds some serious winter-wonderland essence. Nordstrom, $30

Coiled Twig Silver Tree: It seems that I’m starting to collect trees like this; after all, I’d much rather think of the outdoors during winter as silver and sparkly than grey and dreary. Target, $20

Etched Glass Hurricane: One of my favorite things on my mantle is the mercury glass hurricane. Light a candle in it, and the light flickering through the glass is magical. Ethan Allen, $63

Glittery Nutcracker: As far as I’m concerned, these are about a million times more fun and festive than the traditional black and red nutcrackers. I have two very similar to this one. They’re good men. Target, $10

Glitter Berry Mini Wreath: Again, so much better than the standard holiday red berries, or the standard green wreaths. The perfect welcoming piece to hang on your door. Pier 1, $15

Glittered Joy Decoration: In case you feel yourself getting Scrooge-y, just take a look at this shimmering reminder to enjoy the season. Target, $14

Wire String Lights: These lights have been popping up all over, and they’re so cool. Because they’re on wire, you can bend and wrap them any which way you please. One use I can’t wait to try: squeezing them into a wine bottle for some awesome rustic lighting. Amazon, $18

Glass Snowman: The only kind of snow I like. Nordstrom, $24

Lighted Glitter Branch: I find metallic or lighted decorative branches to be so cool and classy, and definitely something that you can keep on display all winter long. Z Gallerie, $20

Mercury Glass Votives: Just like with the hurricane, when you light candles in these, the flickering light is gorgeous. You can place them all together on a mantle or shelf, or spread them out around your home. Z Gallerie, $15



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