Packing List: NYC In The Fall


This week, I get the pleasure of working from New York City. My fiancé had to be here for work, so I decided to hitch a ride (one of my favorite perks of freelancing). We both lived in New York for three years, and anytime we can get back for a visit, to hang out in the city and catch up with friends, we jump at the chance. We’re lucky enough, on this trip, to be getting some killer fall weather—but, as is the trend these days, it’s a bit all over the place. Trying to pack for a week when one day it will be 70 degrees and another it’ll be 55 is a tad tricky (especially when you’re trying to pack light, which I consistently fail at), but I did my best. Here, some of the key pieces I brought:


1. Statement Necklace: I love this necklace for two reasons: It automatically elevates the style of any casual top I packed, and the combo of materials (gold, clear gemstones, and faux pearls) means it goes with pretty much everything. LOFT – grab a similar one here

2. Comfy Pullover: Soft pullovers are my kryptonite, especially when the weather cools down. I just got this one and I’m already obsessed. I love the ribbon neckline, because it makes me feel less lazy for walking around in what is basically a sweatshirt. (Plus, it can be dressed ‘up’ with the above necklace. Boom.) Ace Delivery 

3. Small Pendant: I never go sans necklace; if I’m wearing a busier shirt, or big earrings, I still don a small pendant. Even when I wear a big necklace, I usually keep the small one on; I love the layered look. This one, a simple evil eye design, is one of my all-time faves. Alexandra Beth Designs – get it in silver here

4. Versatile Tee: Even though the weather may get up to 70 this week, I still feel kind of weird wearing a tank in October. Solution: A tee with sheer sleeves; It looks fall, but feels summer. Pleione from Nordstrom – grab a similar one here.

5. Compact Computer Bag: Sometimes when traveling, I push the limits with the size of my ‘personal item’ that I bring on the plane—I blur the line between ‘purse’ and ‘second suitcase.’ But for this trip, I knew I’d be carrying my computer around to coffee shops and whatnot, so I wanted to bring a bag that wasn’t quite so cumbersome. This one fits my computer, but it’s relatively compact, so I don’t feel completely ridiculous lugging it around NYC. Plus, it’s made of nylon, so no harm if the week’s fall weather includes some rain. Banana Republic 

6. Lightweight Jacket: This military jacket is light enough for the warmer days, and loose enough that I can layer underneath for the cooler ones. It’s got a cinched waist to give it some shape, and is just the right shade of grey to go with everything. LOFT – grab a similar one here

7. Cuffable Jeans: (I may have made up the word ‘cuffable;’ let’s all agree to move past that.) Being that I’m short, and often too lazy busy to get things hemmed, my closet is full of many jeans that are slightly too long. But, I do have this one pair that’s the perfect length for ever-changing fall weather. They stop right at the ankle, so if I want to go full-length, I can, but I can also do an easy cuff for the warmer temps. Paige Denim – grab a similar pair here

8. Polarized Shades: I’m somewhat obsessed with sunglasses, but I try to only bring one pair when I travel, and because I have annoyingly sensitive eyes, I like to play it safe with a polarized pair. Never know when that NYC sun will hit! Spy Optic

9. Two-Tone Watch: Classic, versatile and lightweight for traveling—what more could you want? Michael Kors

10. Ballet Flats: I actually thought we were squarely in boot season the past few weeks, but the temperatures in Chicago and New York have taken an up-turn, hence the need for flats. I packed these ones because the suede is fall-ish, the black is versatile and the studs add personality. Halogen from Nordstrom – grab a similar pair here

11. Chunky-Heeled Ankle Boots: Chunky-heeled boots are my favorite for fall and winter. They can be dressed up or down, and they’re perfect for walking around the city without wanting to rip your feet off. It’s a win-win, really. BP for Nordstrom

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