Epic Pranks on Another Level

Need a tissue? The above video is one of the many epic, positive pranks in Break.com’s new Prank it FWD program. I’ve been hearing about this program–the premise of which is to pull positive pranks on unsuspecting strangers, and donate $1 to DoSomething.org for every 1,000 views–for months in the Defy Media office, and the result is even more amazing than I could’ve imagined. That “Best Shift Ever” video above was even featured the TODAY show, and various Prank it FWD videos are getting picked up all over the place, from Gawker to E! News. Gotta admit, I’m feeling that whole pride-by-association thing right about now.

My personal favorite: The movie trailer voice guy, Jon Bailey, messing with customers at a drive-thru. I can’t do it justice; you just have to watch:



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